Reddemeade Equestrian
1701 Ednor Road
Silver Spring, Maryland  20905
Children's Lessons
Children are placed into classes based on their riding ability. The core skills of
these lessons are learning balance, control and confidence while having FUN!
Adult Lessons
Reddemeade teaches the beginning adult, the adult returning to his/her riding
skills.  Horseback riding is a great stress reliever and a super way to have fun!
$25 Introductory Lesson
Horseback Riding is great outdoor exercise with a purpose.  Don't believe us?  Come try if for yourself! All that is
required are long pants (jeans or leggings), hard-soled shoes with closed toe and a sense of humor!    You are
invited to try horseback riding on us.  With no pressure or sales pitch.  We genuinely just want you to try it because
we know you are going to enjoy yourself.  If you have never had a riding lesson, it will give you a chance to
experience the fun and challenge of learning to ride a horse.