Experience all the pleasures of horse ownership and more, without the risks, work and unanticipated expenses that
ownership entails.

EquiShare™ offers the opportunity to have all the pleasures of riding without the obligations of owning.

EquiShare members have the right to ride any or all of our stable full of well-schooled, experienced and
versatile horses at any time for a fixed monthly fee. We take care of all the rest, including training, lessons,
care and feeding, vets and shoeing. All you have to do is ride.

* ride well-schooled, responsive horses

* avoid the time and expense of owning a horse

* move up to more than "just lessons"

* get back to riding with no risk, no commitment

* improve your skills in personalized, private lessons

EquiShare Benefits

* Telephone Reservation System. If you desire to ride a particular horse at a particular time, you may call and
reserve him for that time.

* WSSC Trail Permit.  For those who want access to more extensive trails, yearly (or daily) permits for use of the WSSC
Rocky Gorge Reservoir Watershed are available for purchase at
faces. This allows you to trail ride, and also to go boating and fishing on the reservoir.

* Trail Rides. You are always welcome to go out on your own hacks, but EquiShare also organizes special group trail
rides followed by pot luck dinners or parties.

* No Farrier, Vet or Special Tack Bills. EquiShare accepts full responsibility for any injuries or illness to its horses,
even if they occur while a member is riding.

* Guest Horse. Bring a friend for a springtime hack. EquiShare members are welcome to treat EquiShare as their
personal stable and bring out friends and relatives to visit, ride or share in the clinics and events. A small fee is charged
for the guest horse, and WSSC daily permit. (Guests must have their riding evaluated for safety.)

* Access to all EquiShare Facilities

* Reduced rates for clinics and other activities

* Member horse shows and horse trials

* One free riding lesson per month

Also available for a small fee:

* "Guest Horse"

* Trailering to Special Events in the area

* Coaching at competitions
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