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Reddemeade Equestrian
1701 Ednor Road
Silver Spring, Maryland  20905

Summer Camp... Click here for registration!
We offer a great program that will provide your children with a highly enjoyable
and educational summer break. The camp is an excellent way for beginners to get
to know horses because it offers "hands on" experience with grooming and
handling sessions as well as daily riding lessons. For experienced riders, the
continuity of daily lessons and the increased individual attention helps children
progress even faster than in weekly riding lessons.

Check out our
Summer Camp page for more information and dates!

Winter Break Camp...
Open to current students or previous campers age 7-14, Reddemeade's Winter
Camp is a fun way to spend winter break!

Spring Break Camp...
Open to current students or previous campers age 7-14, Reddemeade's Spring
Camp keeps kids busy over spring break!

Day Off from School Camp...
What do kids do on Individual days off from School? They should come to the
barn! We offer a one day version of our awesome camp!
Dates from Montgomery and Howard County Schools. Call the office to sign up:

Upcoming Dates:  To Be Announced

Adult Camp...
We will be offering Adult Mini-Camps on School holidays in addition to our
Dressage & Eventing Camp in the fall. Stay tuned for dates and curriculums!

Dates TBA
Reddemeade offers a variety of Camps designed to please everyone!

Convenient to:

Ashton, Sandy Spring,
Olney, Rockville,

and more!
Our experience at
enjoyable. We loved
the atmosphere,
horses and
especially the
staff. The only
problem was it was
just too much of a
hike for us. The
only suggestion I
could possibly have
is... could you
simply move it a bit

S. H.