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Reddemeade Equestrian
1701 Ednor Road
Silver Spring, Maryland  20905
A. You can ride as often as you like. Although we limit the numbers of hours a horse can be ridden in a day, you are
allowed to ride as much as the membership option selected.

Q. How good a rider do I need to be?
Proficiency must be demonstrated a the walk, trot and canter. Intermediate through advanced riders will find an
EquiShare horse that suits their needs. Intermediate riders will find ample opportunity to practice and improve - they may
rapidly move up to more advanced horses. Advanced riders can compete and become involved in schooling green
horses. Our current members include those who aspire to serious competition, those whose only desire is a friendly
hack through our wooded trails, and those who like to dabble in both. All that is required is an appreciation of horses
and a desire to ride.

Q. Can I always ride the same horse?
Yes, within limits. You may call in for reservations for a particular horse up to 48 hours in advance,
first-come, first-served. EquiShare will maintain a low ratio between riders and horses, so conflicts for use should occur
seldom. It may happen that reservations will be made for a particular horse for more time than it can reasonably work in
one day. If you can not ride your favorite mount because of a conflict, you will receive priority for the next day or week.

Q. Can we take horses to shows?
EquiShare members can take approved horses to approved shows. You may make arrangements to attend these, in
company with our coach and horse manager, at a nominal fee. Also, EquiShare sponsors its own schooling shows which
you can enter, including our annual combined test.

Q. What is the term of EquiShare membership?
EquiShare memberships are available for 3-month, 6-month, or 1-year periods. A 1-month trial membership is also
available to new members.

Q. What if I will be away for a few months?
Members may go on inactive status if they anticipate being away for extended periods. A nominal monthly fee keeps
their memberships current and they can re-activate upon return without paying additional initiation fee.
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