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RATING SYSTEM:  Pre-Intermediate
Reddemeade Equestrian
1701 Ednor Road
Silver Spring, Maryland  20905
* establish balance in changing from posting to half seat at the trot
* controlled cantering in groups of 3 (in half seat)
recognizing the correct canter lead
establishing seat at the sitting trot
introduce full seat canter
maintain balance in trot to canter and canter to trot transitions
maintain proper rein contact
20m circles in all three gates
turn on the forehand and leg yields at the walk
riding safely on the trail

types and purposes of various bits
basic parts of the horse
distances from the walk trot and canter poles
disassembling and assembling a bridle
uses and applications of polo wraps, splint boots and other bandages

up to 4 walk and trot poles single canter pole
up to 18'' cross rails